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Zhuhai Etro Technology Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:DTF 프린터, DTF 잉크/프린트헤드 하이드레이터/깨끗한 잉크/승화 잉크, 셔츠
No. 4 DTF 프린터 부문 베스트셀러Sample-based customizationFull customizationCompetitive OEM factoryTotal staff (51)

Linko is a China UV DTF printer and DTF printer supplier. We supply one-stop solutions for DTF printers, UV DTF printers, DTG printers, Sublimation printers, and large format inks.


We have been awarded the title of High-tech enterprise in China. Linko’s reputation extends beyond China. We have successfully cooperated with over 7,500 clients across 100+ countries and regions. We have also helped 600+ overseas people establish their businesses with DTF solutions.


You might already work in digital textile printing and want to expand your business. Or, you might be seeking industry experience and looking to start a career in textile printing. Linko can provide you with one-stop digital printing procurement services.


We offer free tech support and online training. They help streamline your operations, reduce the burden of finding and coordinating suppliers, and improve efficiency.